iPhone Signal Boosting

So the debate goes on. Do these so called stick on signal booster stickers work or are they just a waste of money? Checked a load of web sites and the general feeling is that they do not work. Still looking for a more technical answer than the sort of comments that “o it makes no difference at home but when I am out it really helps”.

 Well there are many factors that effect mobile telephone signal strength. The signal on my iPhone goes from say 3 bars to nothing and drops the network. Something to try is putting your mobile iPhone within say 100mm or 4inches from a speaker with the speaker off. You should notice your speaker will eimit that familar bleeping noise from time to time.

This is your network provider and iPhone poling or comminicating with each other. Mobile networks beleive it or not do not waste traffic pining your phone all the time. As long as the network knows where you are then if a call comes through it will know where to find your phone. And I am sure the iPhone signal strength bar is like most other mobile telephone signal strength bars.

The phones software bases the strength on the last network ping which could have been some miniutes ago and in fact the network has gone down or signal strength has changed since the last ping. So 3 bars means as much as 1 bar and as much as 5 bars. Try making a call or sending a text with no signal and see how many times your text will go through or your voice call will connect. It does happen. More explanation to follow on iPhoneSignal.

iPhoneSignal.com a New web site for an amazing new er iPhod

Just found an intriguing new web site with iPhone hints, tips and tricks and also a survival guide. As an iPhone user I have found the iPhone to be an amazing er um….. Well is it a phone, is it an iPod, a camera, well its all of these and more. Also the survival guide at www.iphonesignal.com promises to help you out if you are say stuck in the middle of a jungle with your trusty iPhone and how it might just get you out of there :).

The site is all about the new Apple iPhone and like all other Apple products the iPhone is amazing and way ahead of its rivals. The iPhone web site is new so check back regularly. I hear they will have free iPhone wallpaper and other goodies available soon.

iphone image

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