About Me

Hi, this is my precence on the good old world wide web. You might have noticed the URL www.LawrenceCoxhead.com. Yep thats me. I will be posting reviews here, reviews on things I buy, things I do, places I have travelled. Some keywords for information, there will be a review of my Orange SPV M3100, Creative labs Zen W Mp4 media player, and places to visit, Venice Italy, France, Russia. Also some information about Rosetta Stone. I am learning Russia and Rosetta Stone is simpy amazing!

I will also review some some PC games like World of Warcraft.

Stalker is also a cool game, the official web site is Stalker.

I will update this blog soon with a Java Album power photo Album of photos of reviews, maybe some videos and some photos of the places around the world that I have visited and found to be really cool.

I mentioned Java Album, this is one of the most amazing peices of software I have seen in a long time, give it a folder with some photos in and it will build you a java album with all code etc ready to place on your web space for all to see. It’s really easy to use also. It is called Jalbum and it is really cool.

Bye for Now

Lawrence Coxhead

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