Battery Life

The iPhone unlike other mobile telephones does not have a user removable battery. Is this an issue to consider when deciding on investing in an iPhone? Unlike many other mobile phones and in particular Smartphone’s), the iPhone does not have a user removable battery.

Basically when your battery performance drops and it will drop rather than plummet or just stop working will means you will have to pay for Apple or Apple authorised repairer or even a third party company to replace it. The iPhone battery life is good compared to many other phones in its class so although the need for battery replacement won’t be as great it might cost in the region of $100 USD or £ 50 GBP to replace.

One of the biggest issues to note is heat, which can seriously reduce your battery life. iPhone’s should be kept in the shade and not left inside hot environments like cars or in direct sunlight and indeed not left next to or on electrical equipment that generates heat. A good idea to note is that when charging your iPhone leave it in the dock or somewhere safe whilst charging. Leaving your iPhone charging in its case will cause heat to build up and this will not only reduce the charge performance of your iPhone battery but also will reduce long term performance.

The iPhone battery is no different from most up to date batteries so the usual rules apply such as keep your iPhone locked as much as possible and to turn your Bluetooth and WiFi off when not in use. Also it is worth turning on Auto-Brightness and turn off iPod the equalizer to minimize battery drain. Also a top trick is to keep your iPhone updated, since future firmware versions may help your battery life.

With all this in mind the iPhone is actually very efficient in power management and listening to music, surfing the web and using your iPhone as believe it or not a telephone so with this in mind it is pointless having a device like the iPhone if you are not going to make full use of its features. The iPhone in testing still holds about 80 percent charge after 400-500 charge cycles so is the non user replaceable issue such an issue? For the iPhone to be able to retain 80 percent of the battery life it is still better than most mobile phones, and by avoiding the temptation to plug your iPhone in all the time, and ensure you charge the battery at least once per month you are looking at over a year before battery capacity even begins to reduce.

And even if you do have to get it replaced, the $100 USD or £50 GBP is only slightly more than you would pay for a battery yourself. With a little care, the iPhone battery should be alright even as the phone gets older. Comparing this to a 3G smart phone I had before the iPhone the battery life dropped off within 6 months and reduced so that it required a charge every day and the phone was on standby most of the time. Check back soon for the iPhone 3G article and find out why 3G is not so hot!

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